ETI is a non-profit organization established in 1944 and dedicated to equine legislation and the acquisition and preservation of hiking and riding trails.
Corral 38 is an ETI member club located in the Griffith Park area of Los Angeles.  Neighborhoods bordering the park and serviced by Corral 38 include: Burbank, Glendale, Los Feliz and Silver Lake. 
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Hope you are planning to attend the City Council meeting Tuesday, 6 PM.  If you wish to speak, please fill out a comment card and hand it to the City Clerk who will line up the speaking order.

Since the bikers are claiming there are no problems between horses and bike encounters riding on the bridge or on the  equestrian bridle trail adjacent to the river, it is IMPORTANT that you relate any conflicts you have had in that area to City Council. The bikers also claim that they will push their bikes along the Bridle path to the Riverside Bridge. It's our experience that bikes are being ridden as soon as they are off the bridge. It you have seen them riding their bikes, please tell the Council this as well.

If you can't attend and haven't sent an email yet, PLEASE wait and send your comments on Tuesday, January 26 -  Comments that come on a day when Council meets are taken by staff, printed out in hard copy and distributed directly to the Councilpersons.

Thanks for your participation.




Your presence is critical at the Burbank City Council, January 26th at 6 PM.​

 ​The address is 275 E. Olive Ave., Burbank. There is street parking and parking in the back. We need to fill the Council Chambers.  City Council, as elected officials, must hear from their public. You don’t necessarily have to speak, but you can fill out a comment card to represent your views.

If you cannot attend, PLEASE write an email letter addressed to:  It is vital that your voice be heard.

The Mariposa Equestrian Bridge is under intense pressure at Burbank City Council to be declared a “multimodal” bridge which would include bicycle access into Griffith Park.  This push is being brought by a very small number of bicyclists who want to ride the equestrian trails in Griffith Park.  By L.A. City Ordinance, bikes are not allowed on park trails except on paved roads.
At the Burbank City Council meeting in November, 2015, an Ordinance was introduced for a City Council vote to restrict the riding of bikes the Mariposa Bridge.  Instead bikers were to walk or carry their bikes across the Mariposa Bridge. The language and presentation of the Ordinance was so confusing that citizens who opposed the Ordinance voted for it, thinking the Ordinance deigned bike access to the bridge and the park trails.
Extensive map searches have shown the Mariposa Bridge to be designated as solely an “equestrian” bridge.  Also, due to various land agreements, once a rider is off the Bridge, headed into the Park, all land is City of Los Angeles, where the Ordinance applies.  In addition, L.A. County Flood Control and Cal Trans have recorded easement and permits for Equestrian Trails only—reinforcing LA’s Ordinance. A mile long partially paved trail that runs to Tunnel 6 and ultimately to the Riverside Bridge is NOT an access road.  It historically is a “Bridle Trail” although various vehicles occasionally use the trail.
Equestrians have only one access point into Griffith Park. There are no plans to create another equestrian bridge that would serve our area. In fact, we have lost access due to removal of the dirt equestrian ramps at Bette Davis Park
​ that went down to the LA River and across to the other side where you could ride to Tunnel 6 and on into Griffith Park or go all the way back to the horse bridge. ​
The Mariposa Equestrian Bridge is only 7 feet wide and its footing is specifically surfaced for equestrian use. Bicyclists continue to lobby to push their bikes across the bridge - a risky proposal endangering horses and their riders on this extremely narrow bridge. It is unsafe.
It truly is a Bridge to NO Where, and once off the Bridge there is nowhere legal for a bike to be ridden.  Bikes will not lack for access over the LA River: The Riverside Bridge is being widened  to include bike lanes from the LA Bike Path; at Bob Hope Drive, another bike bridge is shovel ready for 2016.
Access over the Mariposa Bridge will attract bikers onto dirt trails. Most equestrians know all too well the danger of a racing bike coming around a blind corner, or vaulting overhead to land in the trail in front of a rider.
This will have a profound effect to the safety of equestrians, with destructive effects to the horse keeping areas, and local businesses that profit from the presence of horse people…i.e. hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, tack stores, farriers, veterinarians, and real estate values among
​ ​
other businesses.